There are 100 of websites to earn Online but today I will tell you a method to earn 500$ to 1000$ from Cold Email. This is one of the best methods to earn in a single shot.

This is not possible? 🤔Lol, he is Joking, He is a scammer, He is just making public stunt!
Wait a minute When I was newbie I was thinking the same thing after reading such type of Titles.

But The question always irritates me is that possible?
So I thought why not just try it momo game!

So I started to search for it on Google, watches videos and after learning things in depth finally, I have got the answer to my question. (is that possible to earn that much? ).

The answer was Yes because I got a client worth more than 1000$.

It was one of the great moment to get that much amount through the online project.

Wait you don’t need to wait too much!

Because I will reveal this method today that how you can earn 500$ to 1000$ from Cold Email?

There are thousand of Methods for that but I will focus on 1 Special Method, which is
“ How to get 1000$ Client Related SEO Field”.

I will share method in detail.

Because without depth knowledge you cant utilize this method and the Good thing is  you don’t need to invest any single penny to learn that.

This method is called Cold Email method.

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Things We need to Focus Before Earning from Cold Email

So to get clients related SEO first we need to focus on 3 things

  • Which niche to target
  • Which websites we need to target
  • Give them a reason to Order you!

Which Niche should we Target for Cold Email?

You can Choose any Field related Clients! but make sure these niches are profitable more than 1000$ so clients can spend such money on these websites.
Like if you are targeting website having hardly 500$ profit the owner would never like to spend 1000$ for that, but instead of that If you are trying on a product having a lot of profit margin, they will surely be interested to invest.

Which websites should we Target for Cold Email?

  • We should target some specific websites for Cold Email.
  • Make sure you are targeting Countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Newzealand
  • Make sure these websites have a problem.
  • Make sure these websites owner spending on Adwords
  • Make sure these websites keywords exist on 2nd page as well.
  • Make sure these Websites have potential to rank.




How to target Web sites for Cold Email?

Dont worry This is not a difficult method, but you need to be smart here if you really want to earn so read these carefully.

4 Methods to Target websites for Cold Email

There are 4 types of the method which I have used

The 1st method works for me, but most people are using that method. 😥

So, I have tried the 2nd & 3rd method which is more precise I will also share all of these.

So let’s start our method suppose We want to target niche black Bikes in UK !

What I do I will search on with the Main keyword.
“Black Bikes in the UK.”

Make sure you are searching on Google Uk.

Now you will see 10 results on the first page,

Some people used to target Page 1 websites,

In that case, check all websites
Open each website one by one.

Method to analyze website

  • Website and estimate the profit of website
  • Now go to Semrush and Check website, Backlinks and Organic Traffic if you can see some keywords ranked on 1st and 2nd page too good.
  • Now Check on Semrush Paid Traffic through Ads, you would know abt this person is spending on ads or not.
    If All things are Yes.
  • Now You Need to open
    Which I personally use, Check the website here and identify the Problems of Websites in terms of SEO. If there is some kind of Big mistakesThis website is Best for you to target.

2nd Method

But I recommend you to go to 2nd page of Google search!

as shown in the picture.

Now, first 3 websites on 2nd Page are the Golden websites!

Because we can improve these websites ranking on the first page,
From 2nd page to the first page it always sounds great to your client.

So check these websites for same things like I have told you.
Method to analyze website, repeat these steps for these websites.

3rd Method

Always Target Low competition keywords which are easy to Rank ! and check websites on 2nd page with above steps

4th Method

Check Low competition keywords, search these on Google and use Chrome Extension SEOquake to analyze that can you rank website rank up from 2nd page to 1st.

you can also use tools like Semrush.
(Semrush gives you 10 searches free, and by entering new email if you can get 10 more searches)

I am not mentioning other tools because I hv already told you-you dont need to spend a single penny on that.

So these are 4 methods. ☑️How to earn 500$ to 1000$ 🤑Online in Single Shot


******* 👉Episode Number 3******

Let’s Start our 3rd Episode and the topic is

How to check problems in details

How? 🤔

Let’s find out!

as I have explained in Episode 2 that you need to search for any High paying Niche and check links of 2nd Page.

Open the first link on the 2nd page

First check website, ( in above link it is written what is web link and what is Article link)


and enter check web link.

If the free trial of checking will be finished.

just Press Ctrl+Shift+N
and click on open this link (here webname without www)

Still confused? 😣

Let me explain

Suppose I want to check

I will open this link in incognito mode by pressing
Ctrl+Shift+N on chrome
and Will open this link to check

Now on Woorank, you can see problems

these things you should look on the website.

Here are the List of Some Main problems on Websites

  • Title Tag Not accurate
  • Meta description Missing
  • Heading tags not used Correctly
  • Sitemap Missing

Now open that article Link
and Read it,
Check these things in article

1. Quality of articles
2. Video and Images of Articles
3. open and check how many times that article has been shared.
4. Check article Heading tags.
5. check Article Meta description
6. check Article Grammar Mistakes

Remember the More mistakes you will find the more chances it would be for you to rank this link easily, because you can correct these mistakes easily which will definitely improve the rank of Website.

Now Make a List of All problems,👨‍🎨

Now its the Time to write a Best Cold Email for your client so you can get the Project, 💌


Today is 4th Episode of our series and the next one will be last.

Let’s start Today Episode

I have told you Already abt ☑️How you can Find the High Paying Clients, ☑️How to approach them, ☑️How to find Mistakes in their websites,

Today is one of the most important Parts of this Episode which is

How to convince Client for project

First, collect the email of the website which you are targeting from their Contact us section or About Us section.

Now you have to send Email to the owner of the website, and tell them the mistake on his website and offer your service.



Most of the people cant get even a reply from Owner of Website.

The main problem is how to make sure that the owner of the website will listen to you and will pay the amount you are asking?

I use my personal Formula which has been successful so far now to convenience Clients.

This include
1. Fear 😨
2. Advantage 🤠
3. Gift 🎁

If you have these 3 factors in your email there are 70% chances that owner of the website will reply you and you can convert it into a high paying Client.

Let me explain a bit more,

I always Show client the fear of the problem he is facing now and Advantage if he will fix this issue, like in profits,
and Gift from my service, like if he will order me to fix this issue I will provide you a discount.

in short, you can say
1. Disadvantage of Problem
2. Advantage of Solution
3. Our Discount service to Solve that Problem.

If you write an email according to that it will be easy for you to convenience an owner of the website.

So are you ready to apply this method?
In the Last episode, I will give you Cold Email templates, download them and use it according to your niche and my Formula of 3 factors.

If you really want to earn it believe me this is one of best formula to earn Online and get High paying client.
Reading is not enough you need to try it!

How to Send convincing Emails to clients

I have told you about ☑️How to find Niche ☑️How to Find Problem in Website ☑️How to Target a Website ☑️How to convince the client

Now the Last Step is to How to send Convincing Email!

Here is the Sample of Email👇👇👇👇

Subject: {{Client firstname}},I found your website on Page 2

Hi {{Client_firstname}},

Today while searching for {{Your targeted keywords}} I hv found that your website is on the 2nd page, This keyword has a lot of potentials to get Customers and Increase profit about 2x as {{Volume of Keyword}} searching for this keyword.

Your website has some problem I have found out, Kindly check the attached files.

We are a professional Reputed company working with Working with {{ companies you hv worked with}}}

You are losing a lot of profit, but I can solve your problem Within in a {{time Frame}}.

With little investment, you can increase your revenue double than before with our service.

just let me know, I might have a few ideas that could help.


This is a just Simple random template, which we have to change according to niche and the client we are targeting.

( If you have Team to work on this method and you can send more than 100 emails daily, you can use Milkshake for that which will help to manage all emails easily)

But if you are new, and you dont hv team, try to send almost 10 Emails Daily through this method,

10 Emails Daily mean 300 Emails in a month!

Suppose you get 5% conversation rate, you will get almost 15 clients in a month.

Having project even 500$ each or less still you can make a Big amount in a month.

Just follow the procedure as I have explained in previous episodes.

I Hope this method will work for you, So best of luck.